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November 2006

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Summer 2006

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Lauren Schwartz
Schwa Designs

"Creativity and inspiration come naturally to Lauren, literally. She finds ideas and color combinations in the awe inspiring surroundings of the Pacific Northwest. Blooming flowers against a backdrop of the rich woods, for example, provide a rich color palette. You can see it in the natural stones she chooses for her pieces and in the organic arraignments of the gems on the chains. Unique texture and color combinations abound, creating a very contemporary feel. Yet her pieces have such a feminine and historic quality that they insure timeless beauty.

All of Schwa Designs pieces are made on a limited-edition basis, but have no fear, Lauren loves working with her customers to help create a piece that is perfect for you."
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Lucky Magazine, July 2005

Lucky Magazine

July 2005

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Sunset Magazine, May 2005

Sunset Magazine

May 2005

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Lucky Magazine, March 2005

Lucky Magazine

March 2005

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October 14, 2004

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Schwa Designs earrings by Lauren Schwartz


Schwa Designs earrings by Lauren Schwartz in 14k gold-fill featuring stones such as blue chalcedony, iolite, amethyst, rubies, garnets, citrine, tourmaline, blue topaz, carnelian and peridot. Available at Essenza. Prices range from $100-$190.

All that glitters is now gold

By Kathy Schultz

I've developed a serious case of gold fever. During my weekly shopping excursion, I discovered jewelry in varying shades of gold, gleaming beneath glass display cases all over town. The classic, rich look of this precious metal is back in every shape and form from 14 to 24 karat. Paul Schneider, artist and owner of Twist (an art and jewelry shop with locations in Seattle, Portland and Eugene, Ore.), offers one obvious explanation: "Gold is the most beautiful metal; it's the color of the sun. It's rich and warm and looks luminous on the skin," he says. "White metals such as sterling silver are colder, and platinum can look a lot like stainless steel."

Laura Goulas hanging 14k gold oval double disc earrings with tanzanite and amethyst, $262 at Twist. But that's just the tip of the gold nugget. Schneider noticed gold's increased presence on the runway over the last few years, but it took awhile before the Northwest caught on. "At one point, 85 percent of our fine jewelry was white metals and sterling silver, and almost 100 percent of our fashion jewelry was silver. Now about half the store is gold," he says.

The renewed interest is due partly to a change in attitude and also to new and innovative styles produced by designers. "People dismissed gold as being outdated and unattractive. They thought of shiny finishes and big chains." Schneider points out designers are using a range of karats, colored golds and matte finishes, adding that colored stones look gorgeous with gold. Twist has a wide range of gold jewelry by international as well as local designers in everything from 14k gold fill to 24k gold, and prices ranging from $30 to $12,000.

Gold diggers will be happy to know there are several talented jewelry designers in our own backyard who fabricate, forge, planish (lightly hammer) and cast gold. These four designers are worth discovering if you haven't already:

Lauren Schwartz started "dabbling" in gold this spring. "I've never really worn a lot of gold, but I was drawn to it," she says. When she began investing in higher-quality stones, she switched to gold because of how its warmth complemented the clarity and cuts. She also refined her style and her pieces became daintier and perfect for evening wear. Schwarz's designs are exotic but delicate, with a Byzantine influence of richly colored stones in delicious combinations that cascade from earrings and necklaces like sparkling waterfalls. Schwartz will design the same pieces in 14 gold, 14k gold fill or sterling silver. Prices for gold fill and 14k gold range from $80-$495, and are available at Essenza and on her Web site.

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